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World Description
« on: November 15, 2011, 03:48:34 AM »
A world guarded by a most heavenly light. Ciel - a refuge to those who can find it - has been a safe haven for those hiding from the darkness. It is also where the greatest heroes of the light converge. The Kingdom Hearts Elite watch over from the massive citadel that sits atop the crystals that emit the light that protects this world.

The world is a land full of lush green grass, majestic hills, a mysterious mountain peak, and a forest that only the pure of heart may enter. A river runs throughout the world, making a stop at each village. The riverís origin point is in the Albhed Alps, a mountain with its own magical properties that are not fully understood yet. These magical properties seep into the Tibirus river, which hold a healing nature.

The great city of Ciel is too massive to be explained in a few words. Its most notable landmarks and buildings are first and foremost the Citadel that the Elite is stationed at. Made from pure ivory, its doors were made to accept giants, and its reach ends with the sky.  In the northern-most part of Ciel is an elder tree that is as wide as a small house, and taller than any building around it. Benches and flowers circle it, and it is a clean and respected place of the community. The last feature is the river, diverted around the city so that only a small portion cuts through the city itself in a very controlled, and beautiful manner.

Outside of the great city Ciel is three villages that live in prosperity. Those who wish to see the majestic Chocobo should visit the village of Crom, nestled against a cliff and full of beautiful Warks and Kwehs. Several ranches make up this village, and though it can sustain itself, its powerful and happy chocobo are what visitors will come and see. With enough coin, one might even indulge on chocobo races, or be able to purchase one of these loyal birds.

The next village, Vale, is home to those who enjoy the life of the country. Farmers, hard laborers, hunters, lumbers; these make up the people of Vale. Farms extend well beyond the villages borders, but are protected by every available hand come storm of wild animals. Itís a perfect escape from the bustling city life in Ciel.

The last known village on this world is a mysterious one. Hidden beyond (or perhaps within) the Enchanted Forest lies the secret village of Kupo. Many moogles may speak of this village, but it is impossible for one to find it without help of a moogle a proper invitation.

The world of Ciel is very much unexplored to the local residents - who are more interested in rebuilding their lives than exploring the land - and those who take up residency will often group in the villages and within the main city