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The Three Mountains (Closed)
« on: January 13, 2015, 05:44:17 PM »
 The Mountains

The further one goes, the less one knows

The mountains were a treacherous place, cold and unforgiving. There was no path. Only steep cliffs and sharp rocks. All was steely grey and snowy white up there in the cold, thin air. Not a single person from the neighboring village had ever attempted to make the climb and no enemy had ever attempted to attack them from that impenetrable fortress of rock. It was a veritable wasteland.

But if one had the equipment, the pluck, and the right shoes, they could be navigated. Over the first mountain of Compassion, the second mountain of Simplicity and finally the third mountain of Humility.

Facing the wall of Mountain Compassion, one would find that it was impossible to even begin to ascent without a sturdy rope.
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