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Original Character Rules and Guidelines
« on: August 30, 2014, 10:23:10 PM »
--Original Character Rules and Guidelines--

  • Original characters do not need to start off here at "level one".  That said, if your original character is going to start off at a "higher level", it will need to be supported in their character history.

  • Powerful characters and abilities are acceptable within reason so long as sufficient limiting mechanisms are in place.  If the admins feel an ability/character is overpowered, you will be asked to tone down the power, increase the restrictions/limitations, or both.

  • As a general rule: No Keyblades. Keyblades will be given out to deserving members and characters, and is treated as a reward for exceptional writing and role playing.

  • Existing worlds are allowed. Any world that is defined by some other series or franchise is fair game, but a short description (three lines) of the world is required if it is not already part of Kingdom Hearts Canon.

  • Original worlds for original characters are allowed.  However, an original world will require a longer description (at least 200 words).

  • Intimate relationships with canon characters must be defined within canon. For instance, you can be one of Hans' twelve brothers in Frozen, but you cannot be Elsa and Anna's third sister. Exceptions may be made if it makes sense and you properly explain it and it does not directly contradict or influence the canon.

  • Your character may be reviewed at any time if it seems you are abusing power, meaning: your character is using abilities beyond what is described in their approved profile. Upon review, you will be asked to make a choice: cease and desist using the power beyond your character’s means as described, or resubmit your character’s application, making adjustments. Following adjustments, the character will be taken through the Peer Review System for final say. Continued abuse of power will result in your character being removed from play.

  • If your character develops a new ability, that ability will need to be reviewed and approved by the staff before you add it to their profile.  This includes spells, techniques, powers, the ability to create items, etc.  The application for new abilities can be found in

  • Keep in mind Kingdom Hearts Elite starts 3 years after KH2, and 2 years after KH3. We are making assumptions that KH3 takes place 1 year after KH2, which seems sound and reasonable if you ask us.

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