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Wayward Worlds Rules and Guidelines
« on: August 30, 2014, 08:26:00 PM »
--The following rules apply to the Wayward Worlds board--

  • 1. Kingdom Hearts related worlds are off limits. This includes Disney, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy worlds.  They have their own sections elsewhere.

  • 2. Anything of value taken off of these worlds must be applied for in the Profile Additions section. Outside of experience or encounters, anything your character obtains in these worlds must be reviewed.

  • 3. Canonical issues will be on a user to user basis. Since you can literally travel to any world you so choose we will not be listing worlds that are and are not available outside of Rule #1. If your character perceives that a certain world has been destroyed yet another role-player has their character visit said world via the Wayward Worlds board then we expect the two of you to come to a mutual understanding that both of you may do as you please and there is no need for your histories to align and correlate down to the letter. This board is meant to be fun, so please be mindful of other role-players when using it.

  • 4. Original Worlds are off-limits for role-play without permission. You are the creator of your own original world.  You are the only one that knows it inside and out.  This generally places any other player that would attempt to role-play there at an extreme disadvantage while simultaneously giving you an unfair advantage.  If you want your character to return home for a one-shot (a thread in which you are the sole participant that is treated as character canon and not intended to role-play with other characters) you are free to do so.  However, if you want your character to take someone not from your world home to meet the folks or whatever, you will need to get with the admins to discuss the intent and obtain permission to ensure you aren't going to abuse your advantage over another player in your original world.

  • 5. Be clear in the title which world is being visited. When creating a thread it will be required that [brackets] be used to denote which world and universe (when necessary) that you will be role-playing in. If you're unsure that people will know what world you're talking about then use brackets!

    Example: Avengers Assemble! [Earth, Marvel]
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