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Character Applications / Re: Eizm Akali
« Last post by Bluebird on December 29, 2016, 11:05:21 AM »
Hey Skelly! If you clean this app up with proper paragraph breaks I'll give this a read through and tell you my thoughts. We have an application sheet that might help you organize things here. Let me know what you want to do. Thanks!
Character Applications / Eizm Akali
« Last post by Skelly on December 03, 2016, 09:19:41 PM »
  Name: Eizm Akali   Aliases: Ivory Imp, Bone Eater, Skeletal Revenant, The Wandering Demon, The Smiling Djinn, Blood Drinking Visage   Race: Human, but Undead, Skeleton Specifically.   Alignment: Chaotic Evil Incarnation: Eizm is one of many incarnations of the Being known as, SkeletalRemnant.
   Appearance: Eizm is a six foot human skeleton with certain features resembling that of a demon, as defined below
   ○ Eyes: His eyes are like the sockets of many skeletons, empty and dead, yet, if one were to stare directly into his sockets, they'll see two red gemstones peer back.
   ○ Face: If his face could be described in three words, it would be, a smiling demon. His face is very much a skull, with two large fangs protruding from his upper jaw and two smaller fangs from his lower jaw. Horns adorn his forehead that curl up above the turban on his head. He's always smiling, as skulls often do, with just a bit of cruelty to it.
   ○ Clothing: He wears an electric blue robed garb, as well as a turban that covers most of his head, aside from his face, 2 iron bands on each wrist, as well as leather straps that wrap around various areas of his body. Underneath his robed garb he wears an iron chainmail shirt.
   ○ Other Noteworthy features: He features a tail on his backside that ends in a sharpened point, this can be used to pick up small items or weapons and manipulate them, as well a long pointed prehensile tongue seemingly floating in place, the rest his mouth shrouded in darkness. Instead of fingers, he has sharpened claws that can be used in combat but can manipulate weapons and items.
 Personality: Eizm has the attitude of a brash young man, eager to get into fights and prove his strength against opponents. The stronger the opponent the better the opportunity to prove himself. Of what friends and allies he makes, he finds it better to look for others similar to him, rivals, those who can fight and spar with to test their strengths and weaknesses. When not fighting or in combat, Eizm likes to tempt others on journeys of danger or risk, to collect treasures and items. To test and challenge their wits and determination. Often he is willing to go with them on their journeys, sometimes providing someone to fight beside, other times to put a sword in their back. If not adventuring or fighting, He is lazing about, or divulging into one of his sins, such as drugs and drinks that have little to no affect on him, he oft gets bored of this however, as life is better in action or adventure.
  Weapons: Eizm is a master of many weapons, though not all are on him at any given time, he can pull various weapons from his own personal pocket dimension if not distracted or in combat, he cannot place any item that isn't a weapon in this dimension, nor any named weapon that he doesn’t own. Some specific weapons may not be interred into this dimension at all.
Swords: Each sword is made of Damascus Steel
   • Alrruh Alakil: A Khanda (A Double-edge straight sword), its an enchanted weapon that burns into the opponents soul as well as their body, its particularly useful against incorporeal opponents.
   • Alllahm Alead: A Talwar ( Sabre), enchanted so that it feels as if the opponent is being "bitten" by the sword, like tiny little fangs are shredding into the victims flesh.
   • Risalat Alddam: A Seif ( Scimitar),  crafted to cut into the veins and capillaries of an opponent causing bleed damage over time.
   • Sariq Alhaya: A Shamshir (Sabre), its magical craft leaves those struck by it feeling weak, though it takes many strikes for it to be considerable, stealing their strength and giving it to the wielder. (debuffs the victim while buffing the wielder)
   • Eazm Kasara: Another Talwar, though this is much larger, and heavier, allowing it to slice straight through flesh and bone.
   • Nihayat Aleaql: A Xiphos (short 2 sided ), cutting into flesh, it causes its victims to become confused or delirious.
Chakram: The two iron bands he wears around each arm are sharpened and be thrown as deadly weapons. Dagger: Nuqtat Daef: a Pesh-kabz, Eizm holsters this on his left side at all times unless relinquished
Spear: a Dory spear, Eizm uses this occasionally. When pulled from his pocket dimension, it's worn on his back until returned. Bow: A composite bow, Eizm prefers to face his opponents in mid-range or face to face combat, but still manages to find use of this from time to time. The Demon's Claws: He is proficient in the use of his claw like hands in combat, using them to tear and shred away flesh and clothing. They're strong enough to shred through light armor such as leather or fur, but not metal or some other heavier armor. They cannot be used against the incorporeal. Abilities: Blood Drinker, Bone Stealer: If Eizm can grapple onto an opponent with his teeth, he can begin to suck out their blood, after awhile they may begin to feel weak, and if he's attached too long, they begin to lose consciousness. Once they've lost a considerable amount of blood they are considered dead, after which Eizm begins to siphon out their bones as if they were liquid. Running on all fours: If he chooses too, can get on all fours and can both run and jump much faster than he could while on two feet, he cannot use any weapons aside from his dagger in this pose, and only with the use of his tail.
   Powers: If he can focus out of combat, without being suddenly attacked or distracted, he can "grow" four more arms, two on each side, and last until they're chopped off or until the next combat phase ends, after which they simply wither away. He can then equip them with each of his swords, using them simultaneously Aura of Death: Anyone within 10 feet of him is warned of his presence and has a feeling of dread pour over them. Some creatures may be immune entirely to this feeling, this presence can also be ignored, but anyone within will be alerted to him being nearby. This doesn’t mean he is alerted to them. Enhanced Agility: He can leap farther and faster than any average mortal human, he can also move and dodge blows that would be considered too fast for any mortal creature. Semi-immortal: Though Eizm is immortal, his body still has limits, enough damage to his limbs or body parts is enough to put him out of commission, during this, any items or clothing he owns and has equipped disappear back into his pocket dimension. It would take decades for him to recover
   History: Eizm is one of many incarnations of a wandering immortal skeleton, born of a time of great war and upheaval, this immortal skeleton learned the acts and cruelties of war fare. In this he became desirous to defeat and dominate any opponent that would seem stronger than him. Any mission, any adventure, anything to make himself stronger and better combat. This came at a price though, his personality had changed greatly over time, becoming a demon of sadism and cruelty, to not just defeat and kill his opponents but also watch them squirm and writhe in agony. Eventually this Incarnation was killed by a great divine warrior, who had squared off with eizm, matching his very wits and will in combat, though becoming very mortally wounded in the process. In his last throes of life, he sealed Eizm into his sword, a long-forgotten sword that would eventually become an idol of godhood and become a different incarnation of SkeletalRemnant. Though his original life is very much over, Eizm has reassumed form through the current incarnation and is looking to test his skills in combat against other opponents.
Halloween Town / Re: [HTE2] Aerynn, Rave, Riful
« Last post by Bluebird on October 07, 2016, 03:51:03 PM »
Aerynn had waited for the scalpel to slice through her flesh, steeling herself for the touch of cold metal, the parting of flesh, the pain, but none of that came. Only a slight pressure at her chest, as if someone were simply running their finger down her sternum.

Sure that the good doctor was simply testing things for preparation, Aerynn resolved herself to sit through whatever medical procedures needed to be accomplished before they could open her chest and check the contents of her heart. But then it all stopped. A commotion was raised, from Rave to Finkelstein until it all culminated into the sound of shattering glass.

"Get up."

Aerynn obeyed without question, sitting up from the table and surveying all around her. Finkelstein was grumbling, Sally tending to him. Riful seemed impatient, and Rave was gone along with the soul.

A sense of emptiness grew inside Aerynn. So close, and she still received no answers. A red line was drawn down her chest, but there was no accompanying pain. Dabbing a finger in the red liquid oozing from the slice, Aerynn put it in her mouth. Strawberries. Oh.

So it was just a parlor trick. A deceit of the eyes. For some reason Aerynn was unsatisfied.

She supposed that was it. They were done there. Rave had received her object and dispersed. The aegyl wondered if she might rejoin them in time but did not spare much thought on the matter.

"I am ready," she said to her chained companion. "I suppose we should visit the thieves next." But where those thieves might be, Aerynn had no clue.

Wandering over to where Rave had dispersed, Aerynn picked through the pieces of glass and retrieved the riddles given to them.

"Double double toil and trouble
"fire burn and cauldron bubble

"When shall we three meet again?
"In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

"We’ll keep the prize we stole from them.
"Wrapped up tight in our secret den.

"Do you know what it means?" she said to Riful.
Halloween Town / Re: [HTE2] Aerynn, Rave, Riful
« Last post by Snowy on October 06, 2016, 07:49:03 AM »
This was not what Riful had in mind. The operation ceased, and the winged woman was as intact as she had been before. The only sign of her near-death experience lay in the cut down the front of her chest. Scowling, the spirit felt the tug of her chains and realized their other companion wanted to move on. But when she turned to glare at her raving "friend", her gaze was met with a shower of sparkles, the chain going limp and the crash of the jar falling to the floor. Eyes wide, Riful watched woefully as the spirit trapped in the jar was released. It glowed so wonderfully, the ghostly maiden urged towards its light, but she was unable to capture it! Wisp did not heed her calls.

The spirit dispersed. Riful sighed.

Her face emotionless once more, she turned to face her final partner. Stuck together, she wanted to tear the winged woman apart. No, Riful would have to keep her alive until Wisp was returned to her.

"Get up," She ordered, her ruby eyes following the length of the cut on the girl's chest. With any luck, she wouldn't be a complete burden to the spirit maiden.
Traverse Town / Re: Grief
« Last post by Sam Hain on September 10, 2016, 04:15:33 PM »
"I doubt anything will get slipped into your drink there that you don't want in it.  The Ma'- er... the proprietor has very firm views about that sort of thing."

Abbie looked around to check her surroundings, looking to see how close they were to other people before lowering her voice to nearly a whisper.  "That is, unless you want that kind of thing to happen.  Then I'm sure arrangements could be made."

She winked.

It was a very meaningful gesture.

"As to where we're going..."

As they entered the Fourth District, Abbie stopped.  She pointed to a two story building.

There it was, located in Traverse Town’s Fourth District, near the Coliseum.  It appeared very much like the Accessory Shop and Item Workshop building in size and style: a two storey cubical building in Germanic half-timbered style with a single central double door on the ground floor.  The walls werre white, the timbers of its frame a nut brown, and its wood-shingle roof was blue.  And a barrel hung from a beam over the door.

"There."  She said simply.
Introductions / Re: Your friendly neighborhood skeleman.
« Last post by Ghai on September 07, 2016, 11:00:29 AM »
Lol. I suggest making a character and posting it. I or Sam can give it the ol run down for some good timely feel. After that, hell start up a thread. If nothing else I have a character that could be used with ya.
Introductions / Re: Your friendly neighborhood skeleman.
« Last post by Skelly on September 06, 2016, 08:17:05 PM »
I love me some damn friendly ghosts.
Introductions / Re: Your friendly neighborhood skeleman.
« Last post by Knight on September 06, 2016, 08:03:19 PM »

Don't worry my friend... once the people meet you, they will love you...

*eyes the ghost town*

... Once they all get here, that is.
Introductions / Re: Your friendly neighborhood skeleman.
« Last post by Ghai on September 06, 2016, 07:10:22 AM »
Heyo. Sorry to say it, but the sites a bit of a graveyard right now. So, you'll be more than likely doing stuff with ghost which can be just as fun. Right?
Traverse Town / Re: Grief
« Last post by Ghai on September 06, 2016, 07:08:03 AM »
A single eyebrow cocked upwards as she described where she was taking him. His mind briefly left the subject of his "dream" and reigned in on her peculiar description. A bar that was unlike other's didn't jive well with him, not when magic was something always on the table. Beyond that, this world was an intersection between worlds; every misfortunate or troubled soul ended up here. It became universally known to not force your homeworld custom's on others, but entering someones establishment made you fully victim to them.

She was a small thing holding gently onto his arm, smiling gently as though it were all she knew. The alpha in him felt a surge at the sight of a woman holding onto him, and a sense of both protectiveness and ownership filled his steps. But while testosterone was at work throughout his body his mind held onto a simple truth. Don't trust her.

He wanted to stay silent and aware, but curiosity was biting at him. He wanted, needed, some answers before he allowed himself to enter a strange bar. "As long as your don't slip my drink and let some harry guy named Hoary have his way with me, I'll be fine."

Ghai laughed inwardly at his own joke. It helped him feel less dethatched from himself. "I'm guessing this place isn't in the second district. So, where are we really going?"
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