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Announcements & Rules / Site is Back Up
« on: February 22, 2016, 02:00:32 AM »
After several months of the site being down I've restored it. Sorry for any inconvenience, but between the lack of feedback once it went down and the general disinterest from the community in continuing the role play it ended up boiling down to 'when I bothered to figure out how to fix it' which happened to be now.

Enjoy it while it's here, for I'm not sure how long I intend to keep it around regardless of it being fixed.

Announcements & Rules / Departure
« on: February 03, 2015, 05:56:12 PM »
As some of you may have noticed, there has been a decline in activity from the staff. Our lives have become quite busy recently, and we've been struggling to keep up with our threads as well as the Halloween Town Event, despite the decline in players.

Other projects and responsibilities have entered our lives, and unfortunately, after considerable and lengthy debate, we have collectively decided that we will no longer be able to support KHE on top of our work and other offline duties. Thanks for the time we shared together these past few months, and good luck to you all in your future endeavors!

Accepted Applications / Re: Sora [Pending - PRS]
« on: January 13, 2015, 03:29:07 PM »
Results are in!

Volunteer #1

I approve~

Volunteer #2

I approve.

His inventory is adorable.

As no feedback was given, Sora is approved and ready to play!

Accepted Peer Reviews / Re: Sora [PRS]
« on: January 13, 2015, 03:27:34 PM »
Results are in!

Volunteer #1

I approve~

Volunteer #2

I approve.

His inventory is adorable.

As no feedback was given, Sora is approved and ready to play!

Accepted Peer Reviews / Re: Sora [PRS]
« on: January 11, 2015, 02:34:16 PM »
We need TWO VOLUNTEERS to decide the fate of Sora.

Please read the application and make a judgment call as to whether or not Sora is acceptable to be played. Please note that we have discussed with the writer on Sora's history and how it ties into the site plot for KHE. This Sora has been given the green light by the admin team, and so we ask that you focus on whether or not the writer has accurately and appropriately portrayed the character in question.

If you approve, all we need is your approval. If you disapprove, please give an explanation why. In either case you may offer feedback for the writer that will be put under consideration after the votes have been cast. So let your voice be heard!

PM your responses to the Admin account. We will take the first two responses as our results (you can PM an approval or disapproval and follow it up with an explanation later if you are concerned your vote may be lost). This application will remain in pending status until two volunteers have come forward.

To review the Peer Review System, please see this thread. Any questions should be brought to the attention of the admins.

Accepted Peer Reviews / Sora [Accepted - PRS]
« on: January 11, 2015, 02:33:34 PM »
NOTE: This application and the post-canon histories attached to it are in keeping with the site-wide plot currently developing and unfolding. The intention is and has been to keep this character largely responsible for the returned bleakness, and largely in the dark as to how it came about.

General Information:

Canon/Original Character: Canon, Kingdom Hearts franchise
  • Name:Sora
  • Age: #17 (Birthday June 1st) Looks somewhat younger
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Light
Home World: Destiny Islands. Sora, Riku and Kairi live there. Lots of beaches. Paopu tree. Did you play the games?


Sora does not remember that he has the ability to use magic and certain skills, however some of his abilities were committed to muscle memory and his body has not forgotten how to do them.

High Jump- When he jumps with force, he can jump five feet in the air. When he really puts his mind to it, he can jump up to eleven feet.

Glide- He would never try this, but he still retains this ability and may discover it by accident. He has the ability to glide like a hang glider or paper airplane. The height from which he jumps determines how far he can glide. If he jumps off a flight of stairs, he can’t go very far. If he jumps off a tall building, he can clear a few blocks.

Dash- Allows Sora to move very rapidly. Just like a sprinter, Sora can get worn out if he uses his over a long period of time.

Dodge Roll- ...pretty much what it says-

Sora still retains the ability to cast basic, elemental magic. Each spell depletes a percentage of his magical energy. Once depleted, magical-energy (MP) takes five rounds to recharge completely. If available, certain potions/ethers will also replenish MP.

Blizzard: Creates a beam of ice which can range about 25 feet. Depletes 16% Sora can use this spell in rapid fire.

Thunder: Calls down a single bolt of lightning. Depletes 30% MP. Once per post.

Aero: Creates a vortex of wind about him, acting as a shield against physical attacks. Sora takes ˝ the normal damage. This spell lasts three posts. Depletes 38% MP

Curega: He has forgotten how to do this spell. Heals 90% of his HP. Depletes 50% MP

Firega: He has forgotten how to do this spell. Creates a ring of fire around him at a range of about 5 feet. Depletes 16% MP.

Drive Forms: Completely and totally forgotten. If ever relearned they would be:

These forms are made possible with the help of Donald and Goofy.


Sora works closely with his friends. Their strength is his strength. Their limits are his limits. A sort of “I’ll hold him and you punch” concept, if you will. This leaves a lot of room open for creativity, as Sora adapts to new situations and strengths. These I would like to leave open to development alongside fellow rpers as Sora makes friends and allies.

General notes:

One of Sora’s greatest assets is his speed. What he lacks in size and muscle, he makes up for in agility. His sheer willpower is a formidable strength on its own. However, he often demonstrates a lack of technique, barreling headlong into battle without taking a moment to strategize. This gets him into trouble.


The pockets on Sora’s clothing, gifted to him by the three good fairies have the ability to hold more than the average pockets.

7 serenity stones (in a small pouch)
1 Ball point pen
1 Dark Anklet
1 packet of Kleenex
12 Lucid shards
1 Plastic Spider Man ring (from a vending machine)
2 Mysterious Goo
3 Elixers
800 munny
3 ethers
2 paper clips
2 Orichalcum
1 Honorary Membership card
4 Tents
5 Mega-potions
1 Power Band
Thundaga Trinket
Draw Ring
1 pretty blue stone
1 Lucky Thalassa Shell keychain.

Sora wields the Keyblade, of course. A magical weapon with a wretched past. At the start of rp with KH Elite, Sora is equipped with no keychains except Oathkeeper and Oblivion which he has no memory of receiving. As he continues on his journey, he may collect more and they may give his Keyblade different properties.

Oathkeeper: Boosts Sora’s strength and has a longer reach than Kingdom Key.  Mostly acts as a moral strength though, as it serves as a reminder of his promise to Kairi.

Oblivion: Boosts Sora’s strength similarly and reminds Sora that both Light and Dark are needed to live in balance and harmony.

He is able to summon the Keyblade at will, however, it has been known to appear in his hand, without being summoned if there is a task to be done.


People often say that Sora is practically defined by his unnaturally spiky (see: gravity defying), chocolate brown hair, but it just isn't true.

He has a boyish face, a small nose, and an easy going smile...and even these things are not as defining as Sora's eyes: for Sora’s eyes are blue.

No, not a dark grey masquerading as blue, nor a watery, sky-blue, but a true, dark cerulean that can only be seen by staring into the shallow part of an ocean on a perfectly clear day. They blaze brightly, full of the light in his heart, reflecting unending optimism and unshakable confidence. One look into those eyes and one knows that there is still good in the worlds. Unfortunately, because they tend reflect everything in his mind and heart, Sora has never been much good at the art of lying. He is an open book (and an easy read at that).

His honey-brown skin speaks of long days in the tropical, island sun, swimming and surfing and sparring. He is lean, but strong from countless battles against the Heartless and the Organization. Of course, it was a bit of a shock for him to wake up after his slumber in Namine’s care, being several inches taller and his voice considerably deeper than it had been before, but he soon adapted. Though swiftly approaching adulthood, Sora still retains some of the softness of childhood in his face, and of course still clings fast to his youthful enthusiasm for life.

Sora’s clothes were gifts from three Good Fairies, consisting of loose, black pants, cropped just below his knees, fitted with large red pockets for various potions and items. Yellow straps and buckles loop and criss-cross his lower half, securing his pockets (and providing visual impact. The fairies were not above aesthetics). Having always been fond of the primary colors, Sora was glad to have a least some yellow on his personage. His black half-jacket was worn over a navy, sleeveless top, accented with more red pockets. Black gloves and, large, comfortable sneakers finished the outfit. And, of course, Sora never was never fully dressed without his silver crown-pendant secured about his neck by a chain.

It should be noted that Sora does not use gel or hair products beyond whatever soaps or shampoos are available on different Worlds. His hair is naturally gravity-defying and will maintain its shape even after being waterlogged (see: KH II finale cutscene). Though it looks spiky, it is actually quite soft.


Eternally positive, Sora is always ready with a smile and an encouraging word. He does not merely believe in the Light, following its bright beams where they may lead, but, in fact, IS Light, shedding it where he walks. The heart of the worlds respond to him, calling him for help and the help of his keyblade.

His strength comes from his ability to make friends. He has a keen sense of justice, never hesitating for a moment to help someone in need. Because of his outgoing, friendly nature, people are naturally drawn to him, and because of his desire to help those around him, people can’t help but love him.

Sora has a competitive spirit and plenty of teenage cockiness that could easily spell trouble if it were not for his uncanny ability to meet and defeat all challenges thrown his way. He never believes for one second that he will lose, and because of that…he doesn’t.

Of course, he makes mistakes as often as the next person (perhaps more), and there are days when he feels acute pain and sadness, but he is never alone to wallow in misery and bounces back quickly with an easy smile on his face and a new adventure on the horizon.

Sora can also be ruthless. His sense of justice does not allow much room for the grey nuances of right and wrong. In his eyes, you are a friend until proven an enemy, but once proven an enemy, he will not hesitate to attack with ferocity.

Sora can be slow to pick up on subtle words, hints, or clues. This is mainly because of his naive trust in the goodness of people. Because he is truthful, he assumes everyone he meets will be just as truthful as he is. He is therefore susceptible to manipulation and deceit. This may lead others to believe that he is not an intelligent person, however this is a mistake. Sora is very intelligent emotionally, understanding what the heart wants and how to follow it, and he is a remarkably good problem-solver, able to take on many challenges without so much as a decent map to guide him. He has good instincts and trusts himself enough to follow them.


Sora was helping people even before he was able to walk and talk. The light of his newborn heart went out to Ven, at the hour of his need, healing the great crack in his soul. Though he could not have known it, he was destined to meet this boy again. He grew up on Destiny Islands, with his best friend, Riku, whom he spent every moment possible with, playing on the beach, in the sand, and in the waves. He learned to swim and build fantastic sandcastles. At four, he met a stranger, a female warrior in blue, who told him to look after Riku. He took this straight to heart and he has done so to the best of his ability ever since. During this same year, he felt Ven's sadness in his heart. It called out to him across the stars and brought tears to his eyes, though he could not understand why. On Riku's suggestion, Sora reached out to him and answered the call. He accepted Ven into his heart to heal his hurts, without question.

Later, Kairi entered his life and all of a sudden the World seemed brighter. With Riku and Kairi at his side, Sora was truly living in paradise. He a perfect childhood. Two best friends, loving parents, a World which was warm and nurturing, and no poverty or wars to speak of. He learned the important things like, how to fish with his bare hands, how to swim like a frog, how to tie a good knot, and how to navigate by the stars. At 14, he began to have strange dreams, foreshadowing his adventures to come. Monsters and swords and shields and fate haunted his thoughts.

It was not long before World was soon torn apart by the Heartless. In one terrorizing moment, he lost his friends, his home, and his island. In the process he discovered he had the ability to wield a mysterious weapon known as the Keyblade. He tried to rescue Kairi. He tried to take Riku's proffered hand. But all was swept away into the abyss.

He found himself in Traverse town, where he met Donald and Goofy, soon to be his companions as he traveled the worlds, determined to find his friends and set thing right. They visited Worlds...but visiting wasn't enough. When Sora saw injustice being done to Alice in Wonderland, he could not just stand back and watch. He had to help.

Sora went on many an adventure, solving riddles, saving friends, defeating enemies, and striking his own heart to release Kairi, who had been hidden inside his own heart the entire time. This caused a Nobody, Roxas, to be created, as well as Namine. Kairi was able to save Sora with the power of her light and love. Of course, it wasn't over yet. Sora was forced to leave her on Destiny Islands, in order to find Riku and later save the Worlds again. He took a detour at Castle Oblivion, where his memories were taken apart one by one, and then chained back together again by a witch Namine. He was put to sleep for an entire year. When he awoke, his body had grown, but his memories were fewer, his time at Castle Oblivion being wiped away clean. He continued his search for his friends, while unraveling new riddles and problems to solve. Eventually, he was finally reunited with Riku and Kairi, returning to his island safely, with his Nobody in tow, Roxas.

But it still wasn't over. Sora received a message from the King calling him back into battle, back into the Worlds, back into his destiny to bring an end to the sadness echoing over the bitter years.

So off he went with Riku to take his Mark of Mastery Exam. But truth to tell, Sora had never been terribly interested in titles or names that were not his own. It is interesting to note that Sora never did introduce himself as the Keyblade Master, nor did he even use the words "my name is..." for his name is so firmly stitched to his identity, it IS him. He says with certainty "I am Sora." Because who he is has nothing to do with his ability to wield a legendary weapon.

He failed the exam, but he learned some important lessons and met some important people connected to his heart. It became his goal to help Namine, Xion, Roxas, Aqua, Ven, and Terra and make their sadness stop. He pursued it with ferocity and ultimately reached his goal and defeated Xehanort once and for all. Still he was not satisfied. The more he understood about Nobodies, the more he wanted to solve the problem. The more he sought to solve their plight, the more obstacles stood in his way. He began having bad dreams. He dreamed a thousand voices cried out to him in the dark, pleading, begging, dying for answers and salvation. Salvation he didn't know how to give. For he could travel the stars forever and never reach an end. It was a task too big for anyone. There had to be a better way.

He was offered a better way. A certain society approached him. They were a group of anarchists who used their hearts to form a door. They only needed Sora to use his Keyblade on this door and lock all Worlds from Darkness forever. Or so they said. Sora was eager to try. But it had quite the opposite effect.

All doors were unlocked to the Darkness. Heartless once again flooded the universe. All those present for the unlocking were wiped clean of their memories; a blank slate. The society members had offered their hearts to the darkness and so had sacrificed their identities. Sora had offered his part in this game too and lost everything except his weapon and his name.

He fell into the abyss and landed in Ciel, the peaceful land guarded by light. Here his adventure in Kingdom Hearts elite begins.

RP Sample:


Sora’s parents had been normal; Two human beings with human aspirations, with warm, human blood flowing through their veins. Sora had never been exposed to Mako poisoning. He was not superhuman. He carried no impressive, six-foot long weapon. He had not been trained or bred for the art of heroism. In fact, he had not been trained for anything at all. He did not know the subtle walk of the hunter, or the dangerous art of warfare. He did not read from books to define and understand himself (he never wondered). He did not understand the wickedness of wordplay and deceit (he never tried).

Sora was a boy who grew up in nature’s lap of luxury, with simple wants, simple desires, and a simple understanding of how the world worked. He believed in his friends and the Light they carried within.

In essence, he was everything that Genesis and Sephiroth were not.

But there was more than that.

There was magic. There were forces of Light and Dark that had chosen him to carry the most powerful weapon of all: The Keyblade. There was a powerful Heart beating within his chest that responded to every other beating Heart he came across. In turn, the Heart of all things responded to him, quiet and subtle, or loud and abrasive, they responded. It would not have taken Sephiroth's unique gifts of perception to feel his presence.

The Worlds knew him as a hero.

And what was a hero? Who could define one? Was it a simple measurement of impressive actions weighed against the stakes and awarded as a merit? Was it merely an accidental title assigned by the writers of history? Was it a mark of status to separate one powerful man from the next?

Without the Keyblade, Sora was merely a boy with a keen sense of justice, and a deep-rooted desire to help people. Yet…it would not have altered his actions in the slightest. Without it, he would have fought on, searching, doing everything in his power to find those he loved. The skills and powers acquired were incidental: they were likely to develop without any sort of divine intervention anyway. Thusly, the Keyblade was also incidental. It did not shape who he was. It did not transform him into a hero. It was him; a definition for what he stood for, and a powerful tool to help him achieve his goals. His acceptance of his task, further sealed his fate.

The Worlds knew him as a hero because, that was what he was and would always be, so long as he continued to roam the stars.

Now he stood, somewhere between deciding to get something to eat for lunch, and going to visit Leon. As luck would have it, he looked up. Two shadowy figures perched atop the clock tower. Odd. He looked back down. Aerith and Leon sprinting for the entrance. Even odder.

Fortune had always been kind to Sora. He had always been one of Her favorites. It was even said that Lady Luck would actually break her dates with others just to come be with him at the right moment. She must have been there now, as his cerulean eyes took in the sight and made the connections. There was trouble.

Without a second thought, the boy ran after them, unhindered by injuries, strong and ready to help face whatever problem had arisen.


Accepted Applications / Re: Sora [Pending - PRS]
« on: January 11, 2015, 02:32:42 PM »
This app has been put in PENDING STATUS until results for the PRS have come in.

Announcements & Rules / New Plot Event! [10/31/14]
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:26:19 AM »
Please see the thread All Hallow's Eve Plot Event posted in the Plot Board.

The Plot / All Hallow's Eve Plot Event
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:23:48 AM »
Date of Happenings: 10/31/14

Something is stirring in Halloween Town! On Halloween, October 31st, KHE will be holding a new Plot Event hosted by our very own pumpkin king! But he needs something from you!

Please reply to this thread by filling out this questionnaire:

Character Name (max characters per player - 2):
Halloween Costume (keep it simple):
Important Item:

Please note that items can be a corporeal or intangible object, for instance, an amulet, a voice, a heart, etc. We are looking for something that means a lot to your character, something that defines who they are or something they may not be able to live without. Examples include (and forgive the use of my own characters):

Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom, which decides her fate by destiny and has protected her from the darkness once before.
Aerynn's Heart, which she needs in order for her to be complete.
Zephyr's Amulet, which is the only link back to her homeworld and the only trinket she has that reminds of her Jispo, her one and only companion.
Nyika's Voice, that allows her to speak to plants and animals, as well as the lifestream of a planet.
Anna of Arendelle's Anna and Elsa Dolls, which reminds her of a time when her sister was her best friend, before the doors were closed and she was shut out.

If you could give us a short decription as to why you chose this item, that would be super neat!

Due to the manner of the event, a tentative deadline for signups will be one week's time, ending on Sunday, October 26th. This is subject to change on a moment's whim.


Do Important Items need to be on the character currently?

No. Objects do not need to be on the person currently because memories of an object can hold just as much power over a person as the physical object does itself.

What if a character I want to use is pending acceptance?

Please Strike Out the questionnaire so that we are prepared, but the character application must be completed BEFORE DEADLINE ON 10/26/14. They will be accepted ASAP following completion, even if it is after the deadline date.

Accepted Peer Reviews / Rocket Raccoon
« on: September 23, 2014, 05:53:50 AM »
Results are in!

Volunteer #1

T'is a yes from me.

Volunteer #2

Despite not knowing much of the history of the comic books, I approve of this application. Let someone else worry about that itself, everything else looks to be in good order.

As no feedback was given, Rocket is approved and ready to play!

Announcements & Rules / Job Listing: Beta Team
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:40:52 AM »
Some exciting things are going on behind the scenes! The Bluebirds and Plot Sages are looking for members who are willing to test out a few systems that are being developed for implementation on the site.

If you are interested, please reply to this thread. At this point in time, we are looking for as many volunteers as possible.

Note: You do not need an accepted character to beta test!

Announcements & Rules / Job Listing: Application Mod
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:35:25 AM »
Oh dear ... it seems as though applications are starting to run away from us.

The Kingdom Hearts Elite Staff is in search of a profile moderator, someone who can check profiles, give appropriate critiques and feedback, and do general maintenance in the Application Board. Right now this is a temporary position, but may become full time if you like doing it and you're awesome at it.

To apply for this job, please judge Blair Seward or Dead Drunk Jimmy and send your critique to the admin account.

Applications will run until we find someone appropriate for the job.

Accepted Applications / Re: Syphir Locke [Accepted - B]
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:14:15 PM »
This application has been put back into pending status per Knight's request. He means to add a negative hit to his Fulgurkinetic ability. Knight, once you have finished, let us know and we can review the changes and have your profile reapproved.

Since this character is still accepted, Knight may continue to roleplay.

Accepted Applications / Re: Scarlett O'Hara [Accepted]
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:06:04 PM »
I am pulling this application back to pending status per Scarlett's request to rework her history. This profile is still approved and this character may still roleplay.

Traverse Town / A Brief History of Traverse Town
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:58:01 PM »

Traverse Town is unique to all other worlds in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. It is built upon the fragments of lost hearts, of worlds fallen to darkness, and as such, has become the general hub world for these scattered refugees.

It was first created shortly after Xehanort began his heartless experiments in Radiant Garden, following the events of Birth By Sleep. Unleashing the heartless invasion upon the worlds, Traverse Town came into being as these worlds fell one by one to darkness. There it hung in the night sky, one new star when so many others were fading out, its light shining brighter and brighter with each world heart that became devoured.

For eight years it served as home to the refugees who survived their world's collapse, until Sora defeated Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and closed the Door to Darkness. As the worlds were restored, Traverse Town ceased to be, and each person was returned to their original home world.

Three years later, when Sora unleashed Pandora's Box and brought darkness and the heartless back to the worlds, Traverse Town has returned, once more providing a place of refuge for the survivors of their world's collapse. For six months it has been growing as more and more worlds fall to darkness, and is larger than it has ever been before. All six districts have become accessible, from 0-5, but who knows how many more districts Traverse Town may hold…

For more information on Traverse Town, please refer to the wiki.

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